St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre" (SPb IAC) is an enterprise working in the field of informatization and providing information and analytical support of local authorities of the City of St. Petersburg.

 SPb IAC is a state owned enterprise which reports to Committee on IT and Communications of St. Petersburg, but its assets belong to St. Petersburg City Property Management Committee (KUGI).

SPb IAC is a commercial organization taking part in the implementation of government contractual works.


SPb IAC takes part in the realization of the following projects being carried out within the City of St. Petersburg:

  • Situational Center of St. Petersburg is providing information and analytical support of decision-making for the Governor of St. Petersburg and members of St. Petersburg Government on various directions of the city vital activities.
  • City Monitoring Center of St. Petersburg is collecting actual strategic on-line information real situations in the city, is controlling completeness and efficiency of actions to be conducted on eliminating and preventive measures on revealed extraordinary situations and events.
  • Certification Center of the executive public bodies of St. Petersburg appears to be the ground to provide legitimacy of procedures of electronic interaction of the public bodies in between themselves, with citizens and economic entities, and also to ensure legally significant protected electronic document flow for organizations of any kind of property and individuals.
  • Information and analytical providing of activities of executive public bodies of St. Petersburg is aimed at revelation of the most important trends and regularities of social and economic development of the city aimed at supporting of decision-making by city managers of St. Petersburg.
  • Integrated Multi-service Telecommunication Network of the executive public bodies of St. Petersburg provides the public bodies of St. Petersburg, their structural departments and subordinate organizations with a wide specter of actual telecommunication services.
  • Computer Information System to provide security of the vital functions of St. Petersburg is enhancing increasing the level of security and quality of management of situation in the region both in everyday life and during emergency situations.
  • Project to provide the work of the executive public bodies of St. Petersburg with citizens due to "One Window" scheme is aimed at creation of actual interdepartmental interaction within the process of preparation of documents for applicants, collecting necessary documents without engaging citizens and delivery of a ready document.
  • Computer Information System "Governmental Archives of St. Petersburg" is aimed at providing of complex automation of the functions of the Archive Committee of St. Petersburg and Governmental Archives of St. Petersburg on implementing archive business.

SPb IAC is a developer of the following municipal systems:

  • computer Information Systems of territorial executive public bodies of St. Petersburg;
  • system of Information Interaction of Executive Public Bodies of St. Petersburg;
  • information and Analytical System of monitoring of residence standards in St. Petersburg, target guidelines and forecasting social and economic development of St. Petersburg;
  • computer System of management of integrated duty service of St. Petersburg Government;
  • computer Information System of management of Civil Register Office of St. Petersburg;
  • computer System of registration of foreigners in hotels of St. Petersburg "Electronic Courier";
  • computer Information System of providing analysis and evaluation of drugs situation in St. Petersburg;
  • complex of systems of information protection in information and telecommunication networks and systems of executive public bodies of St. Petersburg.